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The Active Fleece Harness by Snuggle Pets & Co includes all the features of the standard harness, plus a strong built in handle on the top. Prices start from £26.


Manufactured in the UK, these machine washable harnesses are made with ease of use and comfort of both handler and dog firmly in mind. Complete with the front D ring as standard, when used with a double ended lead the harness helps to balance the dog and prevent pulling. A Snuggle Pets Fleece Harness allows more comfort for your dog to sniff and explore without the unpleasantness of the pressure of a collar on their neck. 

The comfortable, wide, padded straps won’t rub or create soreness and are designed to sit on your dog’s shoulders to prevent choking. The unique padded girth straps are designed not to create contact rubbing or friction.  Fully machine washable at low temperatures…do not tumble dry


Choose a harness to:

  • Prevent pulling on the lead
  • Improve balance and control
  • Allow natural body language and canine communication
  • Aid training to prevent reactivity (lunging and jumping)
  • Greatly improves your dog’s posture
    • Prevent coughing and choking in pulling dogs, as well as deterring pulling

    Harness Features:
  • Strong, built in handle
  • Front D Ring as standard
  • Fully adjustable
  • Tough elastic prevents movement of adjusters
  • Manufactured in the UK to a high standard
  • Design aids recovery from orthopaedic and other surgical procedures
  • Veterinary recommended for tripaws and arthritic canines
  • Can be used as a front leader for SM/CM dogs or similar conditions
  • Safe, comfortable, durable and humane



Available in 15 colours plus yellow or orange Hi Viz and Stuart Tartan, these super soft dog harnesses are made with premium grade, medium weight fleece double stitched with extra strong black webbing for additional comfort and security. 


Sizing Information:

Size 3: Girth 60cm - 70cm

Size 4: Girth 70cm - 80cm 

Size 5: Girth 80cm - 90cm

Size 6: Girth 90cm - 100cm


Please Note: £3 is added for Hi Vis/Stuart Tartan. High vis strips can be added for an additional £4.

Active Fleece Harness

PriceFrom £27.00
  • This item is delivered via courier directly from the supplier.

  • Harnesses are sized using the Girth Measurement.

    To measure you will need a soft tape measure (not a steel one) and it is best to have your dog standing up squarely and measure in cm.  The chest/girth measurement is taking the tape measure right around under your dog’s body at the fullest point in a complete circle a few cm behind your dog’s front legs (C-D on the diagram). Measure loosely allowing 2 fingers either side for ease. If the dog measures towards the top end of the range of harness size, and depending on dog’s sex, age and breed, it may be worth considering ordering a size larger.

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