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If you've ever experienced your hound managing to shake off a lead with a traditional trigger clip, these are the leads for you! They feature a karabiner-styled safety clip, so there's nothing to snag.


The handle has soft neoprene padding, preventing rope burn from tugging dogs.


Length 110cm


Rope Leash Features:

  • An extremely strong woven rope leash
  • A very comfortable padded handle
  • Shock absorbent rope with a little bounce to save shoulders from heavy pullers
  • High strength swiveling karabiner to prevent twisting
  • Clip latches closed to prevent runaways and is easy on sensitive fingers
  • Ring on the handle for attaching accessories or for making the lead into a loop
  • Length 110cm/44"
  • Up to 190kg tensile strength - that means it can support the weight of 2 very large people.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE against material and construction defects


Colours Info:

Red - despite saying orange on the label, its definitely more red

Green - please refer to the photo with the dog for a more accurate representation of the colour! 

Long Paws Comfort Lead


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