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Embroidery is available on the Jazzy Collection.

As standard it will be placed towards the back of the garment, over the thigh.




Choose your own embroidery style and wording - please be specific with your instructions.


  • Choose your thread colour (plese see Photo 2):

Top Row Left to Right: Black, Elephant, Donkey Brown, Dark Gold, Aubergine, Cream

Middle Row Left to Right: Emerald Green, Teal, Navy, Mid Blue, Powder Blue, Silver

Bottom Row Left to Right: Bright Yellow, Burnt Orange, Bright Pink, Red, Purple, Mauve

For recommendations on colour choice to best match your garment please Contact Us


  • Choose your font as per our examples, standard or italics 
  • Please write the wording EXACTLY as you would like it to be, for example Jazzy or JAZZY. 
  • Choose your wording: 1-8 letters £4, 9-16 letters £8. 


Top tips!

Give us LOTS of information, this is the only way we will get it right!

Write the wording EXACTLY as you would like it to be - Jazzy or JAZZY

If you would like your embroidery on both sides, we can do that! If you would like different words on each side, we can do that too. Please remember the charge is for the overall number of letters, so if you wanted JAZZY on both sides of the garment that would be £8 in total. 


Be serious or be silly, be as unique as you and your hound.


If you are ordering embroidery on more than one garment, please be clear in your instructions.

You can have the same words or different words on each side; charges are per string of lettering so add multiples as required. 

If you are baffled always Contact Us!



PLEASE NOTE: We will complete your order as quickly as we can but please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


PriceFrom £4.00

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