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Looking after your Dog

By Vi

As a new owner or foster carer everything you learn about your dog and how you cope is important to the well being of your dog. For the new carers it can be a bit up and down till the dog settles in. Make allowances when they misbehave as they soon learn what`s expected of them and make wonderful pets. One thing I always do when I have any new dog, (apart from renaming them) is to check them all over.


Greyhounds are not noted for having the best of teeth, it`s maybe because of what they have been fed on, so its very important to look after their teeth. My new dog Blossom has lovely teeth as she is young. For a start I get a fresh knuckle bone from the butcher, and watch your dog get stuck in, it keeps them busy chewing and cleaning their teeth at the same time,(if they have bad teeth or are bleeding, don`t give them a bone) .

I prefer that to other methods, but if you like you can clean their teeth with a baby toothbrush and doggie toothpaste, or something like a rubber finger stool which you can get from most pet shops. Also you can use "Plaque Off" a little goes a long way, now you can choose what method works for you.


Check for dirt, wax, foreign objects or for any redness.

Check for mites, fleas and ticks in the area surrounding the ears.

Don`t use soap and water, or put anything in the ear like a Q tip.

It`s safest to only clean the part of the ear you can see. When you are finished cleaning give your dog a treat so it will look forward to the next time.


I like to scratch my dog quite often from tail up the back to the head and underneath the body. They just love it, especially boys, watch them scratch with a back leg helping you) But my reasoning behind this is because I can feel for any lumps, bumps, scratches, fleas or ticks that you might not get noticed.


These are very important too, look between the toes sometimes as they can pick up a stone or thorn and this can be uncomfortable for your pet. You need to have the dogs nails trimmed now and again, you can buy a good set of dog clippers and do them yourself. (good instructions on Youtube) If your dog lets you but only if you feel confident, if not the vet will do them. Never ignore checking there feet, my first greyhound was so laid back she never even looked up while napping, she just trusted me not to hurt her, then I would file them smooth with a Dremil. Greyhounds can have corns on their pads, and if you notice your pet has a corn contact Diane, she can help there as she can hull and remove the corn and save a visit to the vet.


Last but not least I groom my dog nearly every day. I just love to get cuddles from her while doing this and she doesn't seem to mind.

This is what I do with my dogs, so I hope you might also have an idea what you should check on to keep your pet in good condition. There are lots of websites that give all kinds of advice on how to look after your dog, for a long and healthy life.


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