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Fostering a Greyhound

by Vi

GAGAH will give you everything you need to start you on your journey. Every dog is

spayed or neutered and also a full vet health check is carried out. Food and anything else will be supplied as long as needed while fostering.

Many of these lovely natured dogs have been abused and neglected and it hurts to read some of the things they have been subjected to. Some are starved, shut down completely and die when a little care and loving could have worked miracles.

We as foster families are the people that take in and train dogs before they're adopted. People often think because they are ex racing dogs they need lots of exercise, nothing could be further from the truth. A couple of 20 minute walks a day, and then they will be happy to laze and sleep where they lie, but they are also willing to walk as long as you want. There are no rules, just give them what they need and you will never regret it, the pleasure these lovely graceful dogs give you is amazing.

We as foster carers are responsible for teaching the recently retired Greyhounds many things, like how to climb stairs, how to walk on slippery floors, get used to mirrors and glass doors, TV and so on. We are responsible for evaluating the personality of each dog and assessing their compatibility with people, children, other pets, other dogs, cats, birds and furry animals. We love and are passionate about the Greyhound breed, and next time you meet a greyhound just stop and look into their eyes, you might not see the sadness they perhaps have been through, but with their needs met you will see the love, the personality and gracefulness these dogs possess.

There is an unpredictable side effect to fostering that not even an expert knows about. This is when you decide to try your hand at fostering, the thinking behind it is that you take a “raw recruit” and with love, care and patience you set it on the way to becoming a healthy, happy and contented dog. All ready for their forever home, and on top of that they will be loved and cared for by a new family. The dog will soon show everyone how wonderful it is, and the families friends will “see the light” and want a Greyhound too.

What a brilliant plan, except some dogs don`t last as long as it takes to boil a kettle before the fosterers fall in love with the dog and decide to keep it. If there is such a thing as a “good failure” then this is it.

There is an excellent lively forum on the GAGAH site, packed with loads of good information and you will never struggle on your own, as many a sympathetic ear willing to help you. We have a lot of laughs at some of the things that happen.

Please! Please! Don’t just think about it, TRY FOSTERING – PLEASE DO IT NOW.


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