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Why AWARENESS is very important

Most of us were not that aware of a Greyhound until the first time we met one, then they melted our hearts, and entered our souls, and will now stay there forever.

Just like a warming fire, you don`t get the full effect until you're standing right next to one. What strikes you at first is their calmness, and how quiet they are. Then you start to think about them until you realise you want a Greyhound, and the “religious conversion” begins the day they first enter your life and home.

What could be more wonderful than one of these amazing dogs, and how lucky it is to have one? How could anyone not want a dog like this? How can anyone abuse these gentle creatures so badly?

These dogs not only become family members, but they bring out the best in you. They are so precious, and we love them all so much. They make us feel so good and we begin to think that having another one to join it wouldn't be that much more work. In fact, many owners have three or four dogs (or more), so two would be ok. Now it`s twice the fun.

Now that we know them, we can speak from experience and tell anyone who will listen just what they mean to us. Our pets are lazy and silly, making us laugh every day.

GAGAH is the best club or team I have ever been a member of. What brings us all together are these amazing dogs. Anybody else want to join in? We have to try and rescue as many dogs as we can, no matter how far away they are, then we need to keep bringing in the funding to keep our hard work and efforts going.

Funding would be pointless if we didn`t also do awareness, and as much of it as we can.

Every time we take our dogs for a walk or attend events we are raising awareness.

People will not want a Greyhound if they don`t know about them. So it`s up to all of us at GAGAH to spread the word and raise Greyhound awareness every chance we get.

One way to do this is by getting our hands on and always wearing GAGAH Merchandise. The prices are low, but the quality is very high.


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