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Most recent Aberdeenshire Monthly Walk

Most recent Moray & Inverness Monthly Walk

NEW - Great Global Greyhound walk -
September 2023 - Haddo House

Thank you for taking the trouble to provide these photographs for us all to share!

All photographs have been kindly taken and submitted to the galleries by participants in these events. 

We do our best to show your hounds as best as we can. When we receive photos for publication, we process them as best as we can by shrinking their size to reduce page loading times, applying enhancement techniques to make the photos stand out a bit more and finally, using artifical intelligence software for sharpening and to reduce any motion blur as much as posssible. 

However, cameras today are producing very large photos which take up a lot of memory space. Despite our best efforts, it is often not possible for us to reduce these sizes any further without affecting the quality. If you find that the gallery pages are very slow to load, let us know and we will try to do better next time!

Recently Rehomed Hounds

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