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The Adoption Process

Step 1

Read the information pack which can be found in the Articles section.

Step 2

Complete our Application Form

Step 3

We will arrange a home visit.


This is a chance for you to get to know us, our organisation and our expectations of new owners. It also helps us find a suitable dog for you.

Step 4

If, after the home visit, both parties are happy to proceed then it is up to us to find a potential dog for you based our chat and home visit information.

Step 5

Once we think we have found a suitable dog for you we will contact you to arrange a meeting.


New owners need to be willing to travel to meet their potential dog and if you already have a dog or have children, we would much prefer they all went to meet the new dog to ensure the first meeting goes well.


We have dogs in various locations throughout Aberdeenshire, Moray, and Central Scotland. You are able to have more than one meeting to ensure we have found the right dog for you, and sleepovers can be arranged.

Step 6

After a while, we may follow up with a home visit to talk through any issues and see if there is any additional help we can provide – perhaps putting you in touch with other owners.

What expenses are involved?

We ask for a minimum donation of £100. 

All dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered - if it is not possible to neuter a bitch due to a season we will discuss this with you.


We supply a muzzle which we highly recommend you use whilst getting to know how your dog interacts with others.

You must buy your own collar, lead and coat - we always have a selection available in the Happy Hound Store.


Support Offered from GAGAH


We are always happy to help new owners in every way we can and are only a phone call away. We encourage new owners get in touch with any potential problems so we can help you progress. We also expect new owners to be willing and determined to work through problems and not give up at the first hurdle.


Please remember we expect a lifelong commitment from new owners. Greyhounds and lurchers make fantastic pets and are addictive. If we can help in any way to ensure the adoption is a success, we will!

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