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Racing Name: Sonic Emjay
D.O.B. 07/09/19
Weight: 34kg
Size: 30" tts

Cats: No
Other breeds: has been unreactive so far on group walks
Small breeds: Has been unreactive on group walks with small dogs
Male greyhounds: yes
Female greyhounds: Yes
Children: Yes – older children only due to his size

Meet Nugget, the most handsome golden greyhound that arrived in foster on 17th February. He has gone into a foster home with female greyhound Pickle who is currently teaching him how to be a good home

Nugget is in a foster home with stairs and managed the stairs straight away, he required some encouragement to go down the stairs but now is a complete stair professional. He settled at home immediately and has been non-destructive in the house. He has had a few accidents on carpets (and
a one off pee on an NHS uniform...) but has had no accidents on wooden floors, this continues to be worked on as part of his training.

Nugget is the most friendly, kind greyhound who loves the company of anyone whether human or groo. He has been left at home for several hours both alone and with another greyhound for company without incident and is happy to have his dog walker coming in to walk him at lunchtimes.

Nugget is a fantastic dog to walk on the lead, he appears unreactive so far to anything he has encountered. He’s very good in the car once he is in but has been nervous getting into the car so he does require to be lifted in at present but his training is ongoing.

Nugget has met all sorts of dogs and so far has been unreactive and loves playing with bigger dogs, due to his size he wouldn’t be recommended for a small dog household. Nugget can get overexcited when he is being trained with treats, this is something again that is being worked on but it would be important his forever home to continue on his training to ensure he learns appropriate behaviours. His exposure and training will continue while he is in foster and like all retired greyhounds he would benefit from his socialisation and training to be continued in his forever home.

Nugget has spent some time with dog aware children between 5-9 years old, he enjoyed running around with them but was much more interested in playing with their dog!

Nugget is a handsome, kind and loving greyhound that would make a
wonderful additional to many homes.

Follow Nugget as he settles into his foster home on Instagram @pickle_greyhound

Nugget is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. He comes with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

There may be more photos !  Click on the left or right of the main picture.

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