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Racing Name: Sonic Vegas
DOB: 07 Sept 2019
Weight: 31kg
Size: 27" tts

Cats: No.
Other breeds: Has been unreactive so far and has fell in love with the spaniel next door!
Small breeds: To be assessed.
Male greyhounds: Yes.
Female greyhounds: Yes.
Children: To be assessed.
Likes: Being adored, lying outside on the grass, cheese and rolling around on her back grunting at 5am.
Dislikes: Freshly planted plants… all must be dug up immediately.

Matilda is the sister of recently rehomed Nugget and previously rehomed Susie. She landed with a crash and bang into her foster home and within a few hours, sussed out the sofa and all the best sleeping spots! She is in foster with an older male and a female greyhound near Grantown on Spey and so far, has been the politest of house guests, with a slight side order of bulldozer.

She is incredibly friendly and has the waggiest of tails, she will lick anything and everything given the chance and likes to greet you at the door with some affectionate nibbles… with training she is working on this and is learning how to say hello with a less bouncy approach! She is, shall we say, ‘sturdy’ and can be strong on a lead.

The bestest of days is when she persuades Foster Pops to give her an extra breakfast when Foster Ma has already fed her. She is a very chilled out, happy hound. She loves to lie in the garden and just watch the world and she had great fun helping Foster Pops dig a pond and cut the grass.

So far, she has met several larger dogs and has not shown much interest even when one of them was quite shouty towards her. She is new into foster though, so needs more testing and has also not met any children yet.

She has been left with the other dogs in the house for 4 hours and was no bother at all.

She has only once been found playing with the desk phone and had managed 99……

This happy little girl has come into season after a week of fostering, so she will be a bit limited in her social life for the next few weeks.

You can follow Matilda at @The Groo For You on Facebook and Instagram.

Matilda is microchipped and vaccinated, but her adopter will have to take her to be neutered (all paid for) when appropriate. She comes with 5 weeks free pet insurance from Agria.

To apply to adopt Matilda please complete the application form at:

There may be more photos !  Click on the left or right of the main picture.

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