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Racing Name: A Million Dreams
D.O.B. 21/05/2021
Weight: 24kg
Size: 26" tts

Cats: No
Other breeds: Yes medium size upwards.
Male greyhounds: Yes.
Female greyhounds: Yes - but she can try and be a bit dominant towards the resident girl so she may be better with male dogs only.
Children: Yes, older ones, as long as they are dog savvy and prepared for bouncing as she can be quite excitable. Probably 8 upwards ish.

Likes: Turning the lamps on and off with her nose and snuggling hoomans. Tilda would either like to live with another dog or have a human who would be around most of time that she can bond with. She loves gravy bones and has just discovered toys (at 4am) and playing. Sofas and squishy cushions are a bonus.

Dislikes: Empty food bowls! Noisy traffic - although she is getting better she’s not a city girl. The hairdryer and the vacuum cleaner are not her friends.

Matilda is 2 ½ years old and a wiggly, uncoordinated pup who loves a snuggle and a nose boop. Over the last month she has grown in confidence and now enjoys going out for walks on her own or with other dogs. She can still be unsure of really loud traffic but is getting better and biscuits help her along the way! She’s not really shown a very strong prey-drive around rabbits or cats (more testing required) and just likes to sniff and explore.

She has a huge wag in her tail – so much so, that for several weeks she was sporting some fetching ‘pipe insulation’ taped to her tail to let some old wounds heal. These have healed really well and she is now insulation free.

She has fitted in well with the two resident greyhounds and she would happily live with other dogs, as she can be a bit dominant with her girly foster sister, she would probably prefer male dogs. She could also be an only dog but would need her human to be around to keep her busy.

Being young, she has a lot of energy and is wide awake as soon as her eyes open, this makes for the best greetings when you come home or get up in the morning! She needs someone who is going to help with her training and teaching her a bit of politeness, as at the moment she thinks the best way to get anything is ‘feet first’ and at full speed 😊 but she very quickly settles down and forgets what she was after in the first place if you ignore her. She is a really clever girl and adorably cute but will need some patience to help her settle in with her new family.

Matilda likes to ‘sing’ the songs of her fellow hounds and she has a really good ‘woof’ when she wants attention. She is super clean in the house and the woof can mean she needs the loo but it could also be her trying to score an extra meal or get attention - sometimes she just likes a chat!

She has been left for up to 4 hours so far with the other resident dogs and has not been bothered at all by her humans going out - as long as they go out the front door - don’t go out the back she thinks they are hiding in the garden! She has also been left with another human when the other dogs went to the dentist and she was not bothered that they had gone out without her.

She is very food driven – so much so that she is the first hound to actually dent her food bowl by eating so quickly and messily 😊 but now she has got the hang of treats she is a clever little girl and is learning the right way to do things super fast. She doesn’t look for food off dinner plates and has stopped bothering when food is being cooked too.

She is microchipped, vaccinated and wormed. She has recently finished her season so cannot be neutered quite yet. GAGAH will cover the cost for this if she is adopted before she can be neutered. She comes with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

She is currently in foster in Cromdale, near Grantown on Spey with an older male and female greyhound.

To apply for Matilda please complete the application form at:

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