Shopping at the GAGAH Happy Hound Store is an easy way to help raise money for Give a Greyhound a Home.

For the Hounds

All the essentials for Greyhounds and Lurchers are always in stock, including a selection of leads, martingale collars, leather sighthound collars and fleece house collars. Muzzles are always available, as are a selection of greyhound coats from warm winter coats through to to lighter sighthound raincoats.

For the Humans

There is always a selection of greyhound related giftware available, which changes regularly so pop over to the store and have a look. We have a range of beautiful glassware, pictures (including Nellie Doodles sketches) and pocket money items. We also have GAGAH merchandise available, treat yourself to a t-shirt and wear it with pride as you walk your GAGAH hound.