by Diane

Many of you may have heard the name ‘ Whitemyres’ being referred to over the past few years and a good many folk have asked what it was all about, which is why I’ve written this article.

On 27th November 2004 we received an anonymous phone call saying there were 42 greyhounds being starved to death in a stable building in Whitemyres. As you can imagine, we initially thought this was a sick joke, but just in case it wasn’t a team of us went there the next night, it was bitterly cold and pitch black. Nothing could have prepared us for what we found.

There were indeed 42 dogs, ranging from 2 pups at 4weeks old to a 9yr old female. A lot of the dogs were separated into groups and in different stables. All of them were totally starving, walking skeletons that were half the body weight they should have been, some of them injured with open sores, all terrified, freezing cold and dehydrated.

We found out through sources that the owner of the dogs was a known drug dealer who was extremely violent and had already threatened people who had tried to go and help the dogs.

With this in mind we knew we couldn’t move the dogs due to legal reasons and for our own safety so we managed to get a hold of the drug dealers phone number and strike up some communication. He said he would allow us to go feed the dogs and check they were OK, but if we removed any he would “break our legs”

We knew there were dogs in there who needed immediate attention or they would have died within days, so we struck a financial deal with the owner and persuaded him it would be less hassle for him if the dogs were gone. He wasn’t allowed near the place as he had attacked the person living near the property, and he also refused to deal with the SSPCA. As soon as we got the green light it was a full scale emergency appeal. We wanted to go to the papers, but we knew we couldn`t for obvious reasons.

The first night we started getting dogs out of there. We removed about 16 dogs, and the GAGAH team as ever worked together to get them moved to everyone who had offered to foster. Either in their house or their shed, anywhere was luxury compared to what they came from.

Most of the adult females weighed in at 14kilos and the pups were in a horrendous state, it was heartbreaking to witness, but we knew we could now change that. So we just plodded on and over a period of about 3weeks and with the amazing help of so many people as well as GAGAH supporters we managed to get all 42 dogs out of that total hellhole.

There are so many folk who jumped in to help us, GRWE, Sighthounds Online, DAWGS…I really couldn’t name all of them but we will be forever grateful to them all. Whitemyres is just one of many major emergencies that GAGAH has been faced with. Each and every time we jump in and do what we can, pulling out all the stops, and working so well as one big team, it is amazing.

The good news is that at the end of all that misery all 42 dogs were either in a comfy home or foster kennel by Christmas.

*** Two of the dogs saved were Chrissy and Saffy. There are pictures of them Before and After being restored to health elsewhere on this site.