Greyhounds and lurchers needing homes.

Greyhounds are graceful, gentle, loving, lazy and patient creatures who crave human affection, probably due to their isolated upbringing.
Lurchers are sighthound (greyhound, whippet, saluki, etc.) crosses with many of the greyhound characteristics, but often with more stamina. They are often bred for their speed as hunting dogs (rabbits and hares).
Once you have owned or even met a greyhound or lurcher you will be hooked.

Why do they need new homes?

Thousands of greyhounds each year are abandoned or disposed of because they are no longer winning races or have proved not to be of a racing standard.
Greyhounds and lurchers are frequently found in dog pounds where they can be hard to re-home as they are mistakenly thought of as difficult pets.

Are they difficult pets?

No – they are brilliant and rewarding. Greyhounds do not need a lot of exercise – two 20 minute walks is often enough. They are often quite lazy dogs, famous for their ability to sleep for most of the day.

Some owners with allergies to other dogs have found that they do not react badly to greyhounds.