Oct 21

Wanna have a lookie at ma stookie?! (Robbie)

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Well that’s me back at my foster home after my wee stay in Fife for my operation. I’ve been a brave boy and I’ve made lots of new friends at the clinic. I’m on strict orders to rest for the next month or so, so I’m afraid I won’t be joining the monthly walks just yet....I’ll keep you posted x




Nice to see you home Robbie 😀 I hope you are being hand fed treats?

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  • Spider is getting into the concept of toys. Currently he is especially keen on squeaky, squishy ones he can carry in his mouth. He is also very rough on his ‘toys’ and most are destroyed in hours if not minutes. It’s really important he doesn’t get a chance to ingest stuffing, so once busted, they are thrown away. The teddy bear in the foreground is the exception. it is now one legged after he dismembered it. But it was a present from Broadleys hospital, they gave it to him whilst an inpatient there. So we have kept it and let him have it for short periods when we can watch his every move....
  • 4 year old Basil arrived in foster last weekend, sofa and toys have already been discovered 😊
  • It’s almost been 4 weeks since his op and it’s nearly time for him to get out for small walks, which I think he’s desperate for now as he’s been under virtual house arrest to help with his healing.. on the whole he’s been really good and even coped well with his buster collar when it was needed. He’s destroyed a few squeaky toys and mastered his new feeding toy..see video !