14 month old greyhound.

Mac is is one of the litter of 7 pups rescued by GAGAH last year so has never been raced.

Unfortunately things didn’t work out for him in his first home as he was an only dog and became very anxious and destructive when left on his own. He is now in a foster family with three other greyhounds. 

Mac has quickly settled in really well and absolutely loves having other dogs around. He learned to read their behaviour very quickly and now looks for permission before lying down next to one of his new pals and he gives them plenty of space at dinner time. He loves playing with a ball and doesn’t get upset if someone takes it away – human or dog!

Mac has learned to sit, stay, lie down and give a paw. He’s a fast learner and has taught himself some new tricks, his favourite being taking the lid off the bin and looking for leftover food.

Mac loves cuddles and will find a way of getting himself into the smallest of spaces if it means he’ll get to snuggle up next to you. 

He is a lovely handsome boy and he is HUGE! He weighs 30kg and is all muscle. He is very strong and really pulls on the lead, he’s also prone to jumping around and getting very excited when on a walk however he is starting to settle down a bit and with more training he should learn to be a bit more chilled. He has just been neutered which will also help calm him down a bit. 

Mac is fantastic with other dogs and children, although given his size and excitable nature he’d be better with older children. He is not cat safe. 

He has been left alone in the house with the greyhounds for 20 mins and was fine. Over the next few weeks his foster family will be leaving him for increasing periods of time and will try leaving him for short periods without any dog company to continue to help him manage his separation anxiety.

He really is a lovely big guy who will make a great addition to the right persons family.

Mac is microchipped, neutered and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
If you are interested in adopting Mac, please phone Pat on 07572 402756 (after 6pm if Monday to Friday.)