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At GAGAH, we rescue greyhounds and lurchers from many different types of situations. Sometimes the dogs are simply abandoned, deemed to be too old and expensive to maintain, are retired from a racetrack and would otherwise be disposed of in some non-humane way, or for many other reasons. Regrettably, sometimes extreme cruelty is involved.  

Unfortunately, cases of cruelty such as shown below are not that uncommon. But all GAGAH members are absolutely dedicated to helping unfortunate greyhounds and lurchers. We rely on sponsorship, donations, profits from the shop sales and gifts from all members of the public who are understandably outraged that situations like these are allowed to happen at all. 

However, rescuing a dog from what are often terrible conditions is one thing. We also have to bring them them back to health and deal with any illnesses or injuries that they may have. Your contributions provide food and shelter as the basics, but often, vet bills are very substantial too and everything needs to be paid for. 

Having said this, we have a very high success rate indeed in returning dogs to a worthwhile life with new, loving owners. None of this would be possible without additional assistance from people like yourself. 

Please help us in our work. All contributions are very gratefully received.

Rescued from this :
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