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Name: Max.
Breed: Lurcher.
Age: 2 years 7 months.
Colour: tan and white.
Neutered and microchipped.
Cat safe: No.
Other breed interactions: Variable
Kids: Older only due to his size/enthusiasm
Size: 33kg

His Mum says:
'Max is an incredibly handsome, loving and loyal young man. He is so so clever and a pleasure to come home to. He gives lovely kisses and bosies and is always happy to see you even if you've only nipped outside for a minute!
He very much has his own personality! And will need a good sized, secure garden to whizz around and get rid of some of his energy. He's always up for long walks on the beach (his favourite place) and is a great summer time companion ☀️
Not a huge fan of water but will have a bath, if you give him lots of treats 😋
Needs a confident handler and doesn't like to be left for long periods of time. Like all lurcher breeds he has a fairly high prey drive and an experienced dog owner would be ideal.
Not fully cattle, sheep or deer safe. However, training is in progress and he is always distracted by his favourite treats, sausages.'

Max is looking for a new home due to ill health/changes in his family's circumstances.
He is a big strong boy with high energy; due to his size and markings his owners believe there may be some Rhodesian Ridgeback in his mix.

Having met him again after a couple of years my input is...
He isn't a stuck in the city dog. Super high energy, he is a big strong boy who would whip anyone off their feet if something tickled his fancy and you weren't paying attention. He needs to be somewhere where he can safely burn off his energy. He adores the beach (not the waves!) He is however very excited by livestock which brings me on to:
Max is 33kg of pure bouncy muscle.
He has learnt how to escape his own garden, and escaped my 5ft + deer fence. He needs high boundaries.
He is obviously as clever as they come which can be used as an advantage. He knows many commands, but if he's on a mission he has selective deafness (don't they all?) Door handles are a breeze. Doorknobs still a work in progress.
Max is extremely loyal to his Mum who has put in a lot of time and effort with his ongoing training.
He is a very affectionate gentle giant who loves to please. Having been attacked he can be wary of other dogs.

Max's ideal home is as an only dog with an experienced owner who will continue to work with him. He is not suited to being left for long periods.

Please call for more information / fill out the application form at

Max is located near Buckie, Moray.

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