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Pat 07572 402756 after 6pm if Monday to Friday.

Racing Name: Gaelic Lass

D.O.B. 02.07.2012 (9 years)

Weight: 29KG

Size: 26" tts

Here is gorgeous, squishy, squashy, smiley Lass. She arrived into foster on 25 September and is settling well with her greyhound foster brother and sister, near Grantown on Spey.

You can follow her adventures on The Groo for You

Cats: Nope - cats, squirrels and rabbits are to be chased and shouted at.
Other breeds: Seems ok but will keep socialising her.
Small breeds: TBC
Male greyhounds: Yes
Female greyhounds: Yes
Children: TBC

Lass has been in foster for just over a week now and is a fab hound to have around. From her big pointy ears to her waggily bum, every bit of this dog is awesome. Without fail when you walk into the room or come downstairs she is overjoyed to see you and will wiggle and waggle until you give her head a good scrunch. She is incredibly cuddly, and will stick her nose in your business whether you like it or not! This said, she won't get on the sofa (as much as we try to encourage her) or try the stairs and so to be fair, she is not overly clingy but when she wants attention she'll let you know about it!

Let's talk about FOOD - oh blimey this dog likes to eat; hers, yours, theirs - any food is fair game and she can bounce like a kangaroo so will get it where ever you try and hide it!

Walks - she might be over 9 years old, but she is as keen as a pup to go for a walk. She loves a good sniff and an adventure and is also quite happy in the car too. She is super keen to say hello to every person you meet when you go for a walk so beware she does like to greet her subjects.....each and every one. She walks really well on a lead and harness and doesn't pull when she sees exciting things. She can be quite strong and stubborn though.

After retiring from racing at 3 years, Lass has been a companion to other greyhounds over the years and so might be happier with another hound as company but may also be settled on her own if her humans are home on and off during the day (more testing to follow). She hasn't managed to conquer the stairs yet and so has been happily sleeping downstairs on her own and during the day when the foster parents are working upstairs, snoozing in the hallway to keep an eye on them coming back. She'll have a bit of a whine and moan when she wakes up, but quickly settles herself back down so doesn't appear to have any anxiety with being on her own. She has also been left for up to 3 hours with her foster brother and sister and hasn't seemed to have been too worried about it - but goes bonkers when you get home.

She hasn't been interested in playing with toys yet, but she does like to collect shoes and random items and just keeps them safe for when you get home.

Lass did break her leg when she was about 3 years old and does have some metal work in there as a result. This doesn't seem to bother her at all, other than she walks with quite a sexy waggle and lies down with a bit of a thump! The vet has checked her over and found no issues.

She is vaccinated and will be neutered, microchipped and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

To express an interest in Lass please complete the Application Form at:

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