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Racing Name: Scally Gigi
D.O.B. 20th June 2017

4 year old white & blue Clodagh is a real beauty!

She arived in foster on 30th July 2021.

Cats: No
Other breeds: Yes
Male greyhounds: Yes
Female greyhounds: Yes
Children: Yes

Her foster Mum says:

'Clodagh is a gentle sweet natured 4-year-old girl whose current priority in life is to love and be loved
by her human companions. She came straight from the racing tracks into her foster home near
Stirling end of July and is adapting fast despite a somewhat hectic and fast changing set of domestic
circumstances since her arrival. Settles down well overnight after a last late-night walk, and is clean
in the house
She is learning the domestic life ropes from her male and female greyhound foster siblings. Doesn’t
show much inclination to play despite the best efforts of the resident female greyhound to razz her
up. Apart from a tendency to follow her foster mum around, she demonstrates she is content with
her own company, showing no signs of separation anxiety. So could live with other dogs or be an
only dog.
Clodagh looks forward to mealtimes but has learnt its good manners to wait until given the OK to
tuck in. Her interest in food means she responds well to training with food rewards but will also take
the opportunity to counter-surf!
Lovely to walk - adjusting her speed to her human’s pace, waiting patiently when the humans stop to
chat or to allow passers-by to admire her. She is quite a looker with her blue grey patches and
particularly elegant, sinusoidal walking style.
Clodagh is well behaved around small children and small dogs, but is not cat friendly. She is
copes well with crowds, loud noises, traffic and yappy dogs, and is the first greyhound to actually
follow the vacuum cleaner around the house.
Clodagh travels well in the car and is learning that you are not supposed to jump out until told its OK.
Overall, an easy going and pretty girl who will make a devoted and loyal companion.'

She is microchipped and vaccinated. She comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

Applications for Clodagh are now closed.

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