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Pat 07572 402756 (after 6pm if Monday to Friday)

Name: Bridie
Racing Name: Glenvale Bridie
Breed: Greyhound
DOB: 12 July 2018
Size: 28kg
Cat safe: TBC
Other breed interactions: Seems ok
Kids: Yes older/experienced

Pretty girl Bridie is a quiet, gentle girl.

She likes her food and can hear a wrapper being opened anywhere in the house! She takes a keen interest in what’s going on around the house and likes to be where the action is.

She is a very chilled out lady and has met a few different sized dogs out and about, she is happy to have a sniff with them with no barking or fuss. Because she’s such a stunner shes also had adults, school kids and even workmen at the house coming up to her for a pet and she takes it all in her stride. She’s met primary school kids and a small toddler and was ok with them, older kids petted her and she just was calm and stood there letting them.

Bridie is happy enough on her own in the car whilst her humans are running errands, or sat outside in the garden (although in the dirt, not on the paving 😳) but not so keen at being left alone indoors at all.

She walks well on the lead, does occasionally keep crossing side to side, but not very often. Responds to her name now and if you ask her to ‘come on’ she does.

She's slowly started to play with toys and can master a puzzlle treat game!

She also enjoys sharing an ice lolly when out on a hot day :)

She’s quiet in the house and we think maybe a groo pal may help bring her out of her shell.

Bridie is microchipped, vaccinated and comes with 5 weeks pet insurance.

She is in foster as an only dog in Troon.

To register your interest please fill out the application form at

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