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Racing Name: Droopys Benedict
D.O.B. 4th September 2018
Size: 27” tts
Weight: 29kg

Two year old Ben is super handsome!

He arrived in foster on Saturday 17th July, where he has settled into a multi hound household.

Cats: tests ongoing
Other breeds: Good with other breeds, large, medium and small, however, always excercise caution when introducing to small breeds initially.
Male greyhounds: Yes
Female greyhounds: Yes
Children: Yes, over 8yrs

Ben is good on the lead but does pull a bit when he picks up an interesting scent. He has been left alone for approx 2 hrs and settled well after an initial 5 minute whine.
He loves to run and chase with the other houndies in a large enclosed area, he is muzzled for this just in case of excited snaps. In the house he is a real cuddly boy who loves affection. He enjoys an antler or kong to chew on when left alone. He spends much of his time curled up sleeping, typical houndie!

Ben is in foster near Inverurie.

He is microchipped, vaccinated, neutered and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

To express an interest in Ben please complete the Application Form at: https://www.gagah.co.uk/application-form

Please Note we are currently receiving a high number of applications to adopt. Ben will be matched to the home who will best meet his needs; please do not submit multiple application forms.

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