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Racing Name: Sonic Cupid
D.O.B 9th September 2017

Well hello handsome!

This stunner arrived in foster on 4th June. He is the brother of Cherry.

He is a gorgeous friendly boy who coped well meeting the 10 resident hounds (yes 10!) He experienced fireworks on his first night, but with the help of loud rock music did very well and watched the pretty colours out of the window.

Foster boy Bart has had a very busy first week being tested!

Bart's story so far:

Cats - Sadly this one wasn't a pass. Bart is NOT Cat Safe.

Small Dogs - The Small Dog Squad yapped. They wiggled. They sniffed and went through his legs. On his initial meeting he was curious and sniffed to see what all the fuss was, but relaxed and wasn't bothered with one running around off lead on his walk. On his second meeting he decided they weren't worthy and looked into the distance. Go Bart!

Medium Dogs - Bart happily walks with his Rommie Street Dog house mate; she's a (beautiful) Heinz 57 with a bit of Pitt Bull, Lab & Malinois, the size of a small lab.

Toys - He's a professional toy slayer. We mean PROFESSIONAL. Large robust toys only. Tennis balls are a no go.

Kids - Older / Giant dog savvy kids only. He was happy to have pets & treats and wasn't phased with their noises, but would rather have stolen their toys. Beware anyone in his way, Bart on a mission would send little people flying.

On his own - He has been left for an hour on his own without any incidents.

Food - He is a real foodie, good for helping to train, bad for opportunistic steals!

Other - Bart needs his own swag bag. His current favourite past time is thieving. Shoes, slippers, hats, pens, reading glasses (!) His foster family are working with him to mend his ways!!!

Bart is in a foster home near Inverurie.
Bart is vaccinated, microchipped and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. He will be neutered shortly.

Please Note we are currently receiving a high number of applications to adopt. Bart will be matched to the home who will best meet his needs.

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