Some useful sites to visit:

Ebrielodge Pet Hotel, Maud
Kennels near Maud who foster for GAGAH
The Boarding Kennels
Kennels near Newmachar who also foster for GAGAH
Canine Concern Scotland Trust
Canine education and the Therapet service
Celia's Greyhound Rescue Fife
A brand new web site based in Fife Scotland looking homes for the retired racers from a track near Edinburgh. Run by Celia Fernie and her husband Jimmy.
Celia Cross Greyhound Trust
Rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, sick or ill-treated greyhounds and lurchers from their Sun Valley Kennels near Guildford in Surrey. Open 7 days a week.
Jane Thompson, Tel: 01483 222832 (10:30-15:00)
Central Animal Rescue Network
Will also advise on behaviour/training problems. Jane James, Tel: 01889 582982
Dogs Trust
formerly the National Canine Defence League (NCDL)
Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue
Another Scottish rescue group
Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue
Pip Singleton, Tel: 01386 853971(Evesham)
Fenbank Greyhound Sanctuary
(South Lincolnshire) Sandra Miller, Tel: 01754 820593
This site has useful information on general dog behavior and some specific articles on greyhounds.
Greyhound Data
Greyhounds have been recorded in official stud books for centuries. This site has a huge database which provides information about greyhounds from all over the world and gives their family trees where these are known.
Greyhound Muses
Let a greyhound race into your heart
Greyhounds in Need
Anne Finch, Tel: 01784 436845. (Egham)
Greyhound Rescue (North Yorkshire)
Karen Schultz, Tel: 01757 638889.
Greyhound Taxis Lochaber
A supporter with a GAGAH dog and a link to this site
Greyhound Rescue (South Glos.)
Margaret Bowles, Tel: 01453 822977, E-mail: (Stroud)
Greyhound Rescue (Wales)
Barry Harth, Tel: 01639 844704
Greyhound Rescue (West of England)
Angela Collett, Tel: 07000 785092. Registered charity No. 1056676
Lexus Greyhound Rescue
(no link, website with pop-ups) Pat Graham, Tel: 01204 668589. (Horwich)
Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust
Birmingham Tel: 0121 476 3165
Hoofs Hounds and Claws
Live in, and single day or night pet sitting. Email me at E-mail: Mobile 07979763054
Italian Greyhound Rescue
A rescue charity dedicated to rehoming Italian Greyhounds and crossed Italian Greyhounds which are 'Toy dogs' - in effect miniature Greyhounds.
Jans Gifts
Good commercial site - you can get your gifts here
National Greyhound Racing Club
The regulatory authority for the greyhound racing sport in Britain and is responsible for greyhound registration, for the security and welfare of greyhounds. Tel: 020 72679256.
The New Arc wildlife rescue centre and sanctuary.
Nether Auquhadlie, Ellon. 0796 225 3867 (9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.)
Northants Greyhound Rescue
contact name : Mandy Hooker - 01327 830250
Retired Greyhound Trust
149a Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8DT. Tel: 0870 444 0673 Fax: 0870 908 2525
The oldest and largest animal welfare organisation in Scotland
South Wales RGT
Advice on greyhounds
Tia Greyhound Rescue
(West Yorkshire) - Debbie, Tel: 07974 960684 E-mail:
Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare
Ania Catt, Tel 0118 9268571, E-mail:
North Greyhound Rescue
Contact Amanda on 07888726885 or email (Lancashire and North West)