The 2018 GAGAH Virtual Dog Show is now CLOSED!

Please bear with us whilst we collate all photographs and liase with our sponsors/judges.


1. Biggest Ears
2. Beautiful Eyes
3. Best Smile
4. Pretty Girl
5. Handsome Boy
6. Best Bed Fail (inspired by Rich Skipworth, open to interpretation!)
7. Best Dressed
8. Gone But Not Forgotten
9. Best Friends
10. Best Action Shot
11. Biggest Poser
12. Golden Oldie (8 and over)

Prizes will be awarded to the winner and runner up in each category.
The judges' decision's are final.
*** High Quality Photographs Please ***
Lower quality images will be included in the dog show but may not appear in the calendar if deemed unsuitable by the designer. If multiple images of the same hound are entered into the same category not all images may be included in the calendar at the discretion of the designer.