Foster Homes Needed Throughout Scotland!

We currently need foster homes for injured dogs to recuperate before being homed.

We need fosters with and without resident dogs, we need fosters that are around most of the time, and fosters that aren't.

The more foster homes we have means that we can cope when people take a break and the inevitable failed foster where the dog is kept on permenantly!

What's Involved?

Fostering involves inviting a dog into your home, and helping it adjust to life in a home environment. As most of our dogs haven't experienced life beyond kennels this can include toilet training, introducing them to stairs, slippy floors, windows, the hoover, and basic good manners.

We will ask you to take the dog for a vet check and to be neutered - all of which will be paid for.

The more new experiences you can give a dog, the more likely we are to be able to find it the perfect forever home. Getting the dog used to lead walks, socialising, providing exposure to a busy street or popular park with all types of hounds.

How Long Will I Have the Dog?

This is the hardest question to answer. The majority of dogs are in foster care for 2 - 6 weeks, but there are always exceptions such as those who require recuperation. 

If the dog gains exposure at events etc, and regular updates are provided for us to share, they are usually re-homed faster.

I Live in a Flat, Can I still Foster?

Yes! Our network of foster homes includes all types of properties. The majority of the dogs rescued are young, fit and healthy and we would match you accordingly.

I am Concerned About Costs

Whilst fostering is not expensive, you time and effort is priceless. If needs be we can provide food for you. All foster homes are provided with the essentials including a lead, collar, muzzle and coat. All vet bills are paid for.

I Want to Foster - What Next?

Get in touch! We will arrange a home check for you, and have a detailed talk about what is involved. Please contact Elaine who will be happy to hear from you, or find your local coordinator on our Contacts Page.

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