Rooster - REHOMED

4 year old greyhound

Rooster or Roo for short, arrived into his foster home direct from racing kennels early November.

Initially wary, he began to appreciate and respond positively to his new life very quickly and
continues to do so. He is one smart cookie! Although hesitant when he doesn’t feel safe, and easily startled, he is not a cowed dog. In fact now he has settled, most of the time he makes it very clear he absolutely loves this new life, with lots of gentle tail wagging, and doing circle trots round the house/room when excited or especially happy! Once he trusts his humans, he likes to connect, and will unobtrusively seek out human friends and settle down close by for the company.

He is such a fast learner. He has quickly picked up and enthusiastically adapted to the household routine. He comes when called (unless worried / unsure if all is safe), has learnt the command wait, and is beginning to understand ‘go to your bed’.
He is very food oriented which is helpful for training but does mean he will help himself to anything left out, and is not above moving onto other dogs food when he has finished his own. That said, even more impressive that he has learnt to wait when his food bowl appears. He has a perfect set of teeth and enjoys chewing down on nylon and knuckle bones, and has started discovering and experimenting with dog toys!

Perhaps because he is living with a young, rather mad and very high energy lurcher, a playful side to this boy is also beginning to emerge.

He loves his walks, rarely pulls and is unusually (for a groo) tolerant of rain. He is clean in the house and has no problems going overnight without needing a toilet break. He is not destructive at all and can be left on his own for a while; we are fairly sure we will soon be able to report he can be left for half a day on his own, but we have taken this part of his socialisation very slowly because the priority has been to build his confidence and trust levels.

He has no issues with other dogs of any shape or size.

In summary, Roo is a lovely 4 year old black beauty, whose personality and affectionate nature is beginning to shine through in just 2 weeks. He is going to be a very rewarding dog for the right home.

The right home will be one which is not too noisy and is patient enough to build the bond of trust that will help him learn the world really is friendlier and less scary than he is prone to believe. Although he may benefit from the direction and security of another dog in the house, he could happily live on his own. 

He is currently living in central Scotland with a foster family who are always willing to look at
travelling for an initial ‘date’ with prospective adopters. Rooster is neutered, tick , flea and worm treated and like all GAGAH dogs will come with 5 weeks free pet insurance.

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