16 Month Old Lurcher

Meg has settled into her latest foster home, and revealed her truly engaging and affectionate personality very quickly. Meg is still a pup in age and in heart (16 months) and hence is exuberantly playful.

Although full of fun she also calms quickly and is a very quiet dog – we have yet to hear her bark! Her obedience is impressive, she responds to sit, stay/come/go to your bed and leave (albeit this last one is still a bit of a work in progress!). We have found her spotless in the house and very easy to feed.
She can be left on her own for a few hours in the house. We have found establishing a familiar routine when leaving her defuses a slight tendency to separation anxiety. Given she is still a young dog, this seems very reasonable. She is also great in the car.

She loves all other dogs and humans. She showed no prey drive when she met a cat in its own home and so far only mild interest in the rabbits she spots on walks. Because of excellent recall, she is getting some off lead time - zoomies makes her deliriously happy! However, given what we know of her history, we think more work and caution is needed before she could be considered truly cat safe; and like all dogs, any off lead time needs to be carefully managed because chase and /or play instincts will overwhelm her equally strong desire to do what her humans want her to do.

Meg could live as an only dog in an active household with the time and inclination to engage in play sessions. She would also flourish living with a playmate who shared her joie de vivre. She is a very fast and willing learner, so anyone prepared to put the time into further training will be amply rewarded.

You can learn more about Meg and follow her progress in foster at

If you are interested in adopting Meg, please contact Elaine today on 07988 102550.