Greyhound, age 4 1/2

Marvellous Mabel has recently come into foster.

She has previously lived with two whippets, and is loving foster live with two male greyhounds.
She is not cat safe.

After one week her foster mum says:

Mabel has been in foster a week now and within a couple of days her sweet personality and enormous waggy tail have come out to play! She’s very friendly and has very soppy brown eyes begging for attention but she’s not boisterous with it, she joins in with her foster brothers and gets excited for walks and ALL food opportunities! She’s been good with all sizes of dogs and not reacted to other reactive dogs that she has met. Not good with cats and small furries though. Very good on the lead outside. Starting to come when called in the house too. Has been ok with younger children too.

She had an extensive dental this week and unfortunately lost 26 of her teeth but so far has continued to wolf down all food put in front of her - soft stuff at the moment, but she believes in quality not quantity and does have some of the right teeth left to tackle dry food again eventually! Her older foster brother has minimal teeth and it’s never caused him concern when it comes to food 

You can follow her story on her Facebook foster page @thegrooforyou

Once she has recovered from her dental she will be spayed. She is microchipped and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. Mabel is in foster in Boat of Garten.

If you are interested in adopting Mabel, please phone Pat on 07572 402756 (after 6pm if Monday to Friday)