5 year old greyhound

This handsome black chap is looking for his forever home.

At 36kg he is a big lad! So far he has shown himself to be a real gentle giant.

After a couple of weeks in foster with a lurcher sister, this is what his foster Mum has to say:

"He is very timid with new humans; he doesn't like loud noises and can get spooked easily both inside and outside the house.  He gets worried when walking by busy traffic, but when walking in a quiet environment he walks like a gentleman, no pulling or jumping and just the occasional stop to sniff. He shows some excitement when getting ready for a walk  and he does enjoy travelling in a car. 
He enjoys the company of his foster sister, even if he finds her a little too hyper at times!! He will look to her as to what to do in unfamiliar situations, so would probably like having another hound as company. 
Due to his timid nature, a home with small children or a boisterous lifestyle would not suit him.
So far, he has not shown any interest in playing, either with his foster sister or with toys. He's also unsure as to what to do with a pigs ear, apart from hide it! 
He has yet to be cat tested or exposed to small dogs on his own - when out with his foster sister, he tends to ignore them or move behind foster Mom."
Laddie is looking for  a quiet, chilled-out home with lots of duvets for comfort and snoozing!


If you are interested in adoptiong Laddie, please contact Pat on 07572 402756 (weekdays after 6pm please)